Wren Solares


Wren is our professional organizer and stylist, specialising in decluttering homes and re-styling to better suit the needs of your lifestyle.

She has worked with a range of clients from private to professional and fashion icons including Stella McCartney. Her many projects included re-styling rock & roll green rooms, designing celebrity style installs, private party designs & corporate meeting & incentive environments. Since starting her company, Wren has been contacted by a number of people wanting to get their homes in order. They organise, implement practical, simplistic systems and make space for the things you love.

Responsibility comes naturally to Wren, and from her previous clientele it’s clear to see the level of faith and reliability people have in her knowing that the job will be completed to the high standards she sets herself.

Her knowledge automatically places her in a position that holds the advantages of resource, organisation and people. From organisation to creative design, Wren’s law is ‘zero error’, so by calling this lady a perfectionist is an understatement. This only guarantees the very best results for clients through her professionalism, while just her simple presence allows everyone to slip into ease around her.

Her previous experience has allowed her to create environments for many clients of all walks of life. Wren has a background of fashion & design whilst being visually observant has helped her take charge of organising and creating aesthetic environments in any space. Her passion lies in organizing & styling to create the right space for each client to enjoy their home. There is ‘No Place Like Home.’